Viña Vilano

Winery and vineyard



A winery with a long history


Bodegas Viña Vilano begins in the year 1957 when the parents and grandparents of our current members founded the cooperative.

By putting together the fruit of their already aged vineyards at that time, we are now relying on vine rootstocks that are sometimes really old. At first, the capacity of the cellar held 300,000 kg. of grapes.

Today, its capacity reaches over 2,600,000 kg., which gives an idea of the expansion undergone by Viña Vilano, constantly involved in an improving and updating process.

Yet in order to better understand our project, our vocation for the future and our willingness for a job well done, it is essential to know, to understand and to love this unique product: wine. Bodegas Viña Vilano invites you to enter into the exciting world of the red wine making.